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Telephone Counselling Training for Organisations

As a Registered Member MBACP (Accred) counsellor, supervisor and trainer, with a niche telephone counselling practice - I offer training on how to work professionally and effectively via this medium to organisations, including EAPs, charities, universities and other organisations that provide short and long term counselling.

I will work with you to develop a training course which meets the needs of your organisation and your counsellors. Bespoke courses range from between three and five 90 minute weekly taught modules and one or two skills practice sessions. This combination of learning allows counsellors time to reflect and practise the best way for them to adapt how they work face to face, to the medium of the telephone.

All training includes the BACP competences listed which are relevant to telephone counselling.

BACP Telephone and E-counselling Competences

The training also includes up to date, first hand practicalities and considerations for working on the phone.

Method of training delivery

Taught modules
Training is delivered via the telephone, using a teleconferencing line. It is my experience that the best way to learn how to work with clients over the telephone is to receive training using the same medium. To me, developing and practising effective telephone counselling skills in a face to face setting defeats the object! My aim is to provide a safe space for your team to explore, practice and experience as authentically as possible, what it is like to work without seeing the client whose voice they will come to know intimately.

Skills practice
A unique element of the training are the skills practice sessions. Even though your counsellors may know each other, practicing core skills and the assessment session over the phone provides an opportunity to encounter first hand and gain feedback on, the experience of channelling and responding to all that we receive from a client through one sense only – the ear.

Course content

Depending on your organisation’s need, telephone counselling training content can include:

  • Telephone counselling as a specialism – working professionally within BACP competences
  • Main differences between telephone and face to face counselling/psychotherapy
  • Core skills and attitudes needed for telephone counselling
  • Practicalities and realities of telephone based short and long term therapy
  • Assessments
  • Contracting with clients
  • Developing the counsellor-client relationship
  • Mental Health issues
  • Managing 'difficult' sessions
  • Ethical and boundary issues

“Thank you so much for delivering our telephone counselling training. It really has been such an interesting course and I personally have learnt a great deal and gained the confidence to work in this way. The training has been delivered in such a professional and efficient way and I appreciate all you have done for us at HMC.” Claire Simms, Healthy Mind Counselling Co-ordinator, Suffolk MIND

“The whole structure of this course was extremely helpful in that initial information on how it was going to proceed and tailoring this around our own counselling policy and procedure gave me sound confidence in this area. It was a very enlightening experience and dispelled many of my misgivings around telephone counselling so I can only say it was a rewarding experience.” Janice Pace, HMC, Suffolk MIND

“The course was very well planned and each section followed through from the previous logically. I found the section on core skills very helpful as it focused me on reflecting on the differences and similarities between face to face and phone counselling. I also found the sections on assessment and contracting very useful because they addressed the practicalities of phone counselling and its difference from face to face. The phone practice with fellow students on the course very helpful because it gave me a chance to experience the issues and differences that may arise in offering phone counselling. I really appreciated your generous sharing of your experiences and expertise. I also learnt a lot from your modelling of how to be with clients on the phone, your voice, intonation and manner. I have internalised that!” Celia Henson, Counselling and Wellbeing Service, Anglia Ruskin University

Training can be designed to meet your organisation’s needs and time frame.
Please phone me, Sarah Hart on 01727 852327 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your requirements.

Specialist telephone counselling supervision

Individual and group supervision is available via the telephone.

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