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Counselling for mothers who live apart from their children

A warm welcome to you. I am a specialist counsellor who has in depth knowledge and experience of supporting mothers apart from their children, and I hope to be able to help you too.

You might live apart from your child because

  • You have been through divorce or a family breakdown
  • You have lost residency or have shared residency
  • You have chosen not to be a hands on, full time mum
  • You have a court order which should allow you contact with your children but you don’t see them because of parental alienation, for cultural or religious reasons or your child has been abducted
  • You are a grandmother who does not have access to your grandchild due to your daughter or son’s marriage or relationship breakup. Or you are estranged for some other reason
  • Or maybe you are a woman who needs support with divorce, separation or stepfamily problems from a therapist who understand the challenges women face in these situations


I offer counselling to mothers and grandmothers who live apart from their children or grandchildren for some or all of the time. I help women come to terms with and manage difficult feelings such as loss, pain, guilt, shame, anger, trauma and rejection related to family breakdown, reorganisation and shared parenting.

I am glad you have found my website because if you are like the many other women who live apart from your children, you will probably have felt like you were the only one at times!

How to book and pay for a counselling session

“There really are not enough words to express my thanks to you! You truly helped me when I felt there was nowhere to turn. You have helped me to channel my life in an extremely positive way and find happiness once more, something that I didn't think was achievable! I am looking forward to embarking on my next adventure!”  -  JH

Find out more about my book, A Mother Apart

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