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Divorce and separation counselling for men and women

Whether you would like to separate from your partner or have had divorce forced upon you, decisions connected to relationship break up can be traumatic. Life immediately after a separation often resembles a roller coaster ride with distressing and infuriating ups and downs before the final Decree Nisi or Residence and Contact Order. It can feel like you need superhuman strength to deal with going to court, CAFCASS officers and CMEC (which includes the CSA and Child Maintenance Options), whilst trying to function on a day to day level.

Divorce and separation counselling can help with:

Emotional support

It is usual to feel vulnerable when private matters become public. Counselling can help you cope with the process of separation and divorce and help you understand and manage normal reactions to stress and loss.

Parenting issues and disputes, including

  • How best to support your children though change
  • A sense of loss at no longer being a 24 hour, hands on parent
  • Shared parenting problems such as controlling behaviour, competitiveness and poor communication
  • Trauma of lost residency or being denied contact
  • Being a target parent when parental alienation or hostile aggressive parenting is taking or has taken place
  • Leave to Remove cases and long distant parenting
  • Grandparent loss, when contact with grandchildren is denied or obstructed

Effective communication

It is essential to keep the channels of communication open during what can be a lengthy legal process. Communicating effectively when you are emotional can be tricky but to do so is in your best interests and is vital for well-being of your children.

Efficient communication with your legal team

Counselling can support you to communicate efficiently with your solicitor and legal team, helping them to better understand your circumstances and represent you.

Self esteem problems

Conflict and loss can take its toll on your confidence and repetitive negative thoughts and fears are exhausting. Counselling can help restore your sense of identify and inner resources, enabling you to take care of your own needs.

Moving on after divorce and separation

Counselling helps you re-engage with life and find new meaning after divorce, separation, changed family structure and routines. It can also assist you to explore possible reasons for family breakdown to avoid recreating unhealthy relationship patterns in the future.

How to book and pay for a counselling session

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