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a mother apart sarah hartMy self-help book, 'A Mother Apart: How to let go of guilt and find happiness living apart from your child’, provides empathy, non judgemental help and practical strategies to women struggling with their feelings, as they adjust and come to terms with no longer being a full-time, hands on mothers.

A Mother Apart has been written to relieve the isolation of the many women separated from their child who say, ‘I thought I was the only one’.

Women live apart from their children - lose residency, have minimal contact, become estranged or choose part-time motherhood for a number of reasons. A Mother Apart moves beyond the stigma linked to mothers who leave their children and offers insight and sympathetic approaches to help manage complex situations and strong emotions, including how to:

  • understand and free yourself from excessive guilt and other difficult feelings
  • grieve your loss and move on with an open heart
  • learn the art of big hearted mothering: deep love from afar, over time
  • find positive ways to integrate your life as a mother apart and independent woman
  • fully appreciate how the capacity to love deeply from afar makes you one of the most extraordinary mothers in the world

Book reviews

‘In this touching, inspiring and deeply wise book, Sarah Hart has distilled the wisdom of her extensive personal and professional experience. It is a book to treasure, to return to again and again as compassion, insight and useful practical suggestions leap off every page. Sarah covers all the struggles and heartaches mothers in this situation are likely to encounter and shows us how to reach a deeper healing and love than we might ever have imagined possible. I am delighted such a beautiful book has been written at last about such a painful and frequently misjudged subject and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in the challenges of love, especially mothers, and most of all to those who love their children from afar.’ Anne Geraghty - author of In the Dark and Still Moving --Anne Geraghty - author of In the Dark and Still Moving

‘A thoughtful and sensitive guide to a difficult issue’  -  Psychologies Magazine

‘A much-needed perspective for women who are re-examining their roles and responsibilities as mothers.’   -  Maria Housden author of Hannah's Gift and Unravelled

Reader reviews

“My lifesaver! Great book and lovely author.” NB

“This is an excellent self help guide to help mothers cope with separation from their child. It has helped me to cope with a very difficult situation and gives great advice. Well worth the money.” R

“This is a fantastic book for anyone who is going through this terrible ordeal. I would highly recommend it. Get it.” SS

“I would just like to say thank you for the wonderful work that you do. As a mother living apart from my children 67% of the time I look to your book, read your website and this provides me with comfort, hope and inspiration. I live in Australia on the Gold Coast and at times I feel very isolated amongst my friends whom have their children full-time, I am however doing my best to make positives out of this situation. Keep up the wonderful work”. K

“It all began when I picked up your book. Things are 100% better now. It wasn’t my fault, I was ill, I’m not a bad mum, I know that now. I was a victim but it’s all going my way, they can see through the PAS, the lies, the intimidation. After 6 years my baby is coming home and I couldn’t be happier.” SJT

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