Are you a mother living apart from your child? Or a grandmother who does not have access to your grandchild?

Whatever their circumstances, I support women to manage difficult feelings such as loss, pain, guilt, shame, anger and rejection related to family breakdown.

Thank you so much, Sarah. I will miss talking to you but I know my sessions have brought me to a calmer more understanding place. G.M


Are you struggling to cope with your divorce or being separated from your family?

I help men, women and adult children manage the impact of family break up. I help clients with shared, non resident and step parenting, parental alienation and long term separation issues.

I am very thankful Sarah, for our sessions. I am much more able to risk sharing my feelings with my family and this has enriched my relationships. I am sad to say goodbye but know that I now have the skills to move forward on my own. Thank you!


Are you a counsellor or psychotherapist? I offer telephone counselling training, supervision, non-fiction writing coaching.      Are you a social worker or legal professional? I provide training on how to work effectively with mothers living apart from their children, as a result of a court order or personal choice.
For a very modest outlay my overall practice can be developed in previously unimagined directions; thank you!

Tamar Postner, MBACP
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